• How to add Instagram Link in About Section of Facebook Page
    Adding Instagram and other social media accounts to the about section of your facebook page is very beneficial and important too. It has many benefits. You can directly send your followers to your instagram page, so that your … Read more
  • How to add alt text to facebook posts images
    See how you can add alt text to images of facebook posts. Adding alt text to images is very beneficial. It can help to rank images faster on Google. Alt text is the only way through which we can tell search engine crawlers to index images.
  • Improve facebook page seo by simple steps
    There are countless benefits of creating facebook pages and doing facebook page seo , as it can be used for bussiness, website, organization, etc. Many website owners are using facebook pages to promote their website and to increase … Read more
  • How to change facebook profile username in Mobile
    See how can easily create or change facebook profile username from your mobile phone. Usually changing username is possible only in laptop or computer but in this post you will see how we can change it from mobile
  • How to change/create facebook page username
    See how you can create our change facebook page username in Mobile in very simple and easy steps. Facebook page username is the URL slug that comes after facebook.com


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    • How to Remove p and date from URL slug in Blogger
      See how to remove p and date from the URL slug in blogger. Blogger is a free platform for for creating blogging websites, it comes with very few features. You cannot create a custom URL like in wordpress. In this post I have shown how you can do this.
    • How to create a custom domain in blogger
      You can easily create a custom domain in blogger. In the custom domain, you can easily remove blogspot from the URL. For this you need to buy a domain from domain provider. There are some free domains are available but paid domains are reccomended. After buying a domain, you need to add some records in … Read more
    • How to create a blog in blogger
      In this blog post I am going to show you how you can create a blog in blogger. In blogger.com website you can create a free blog

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