Improve facebook page seo by simple steps

There are countless benefits of creating facebook pages and doing facebook page seo , as it can be used for bussiness, website, organization, etc. Many website owners are using facebook pages to promote their website and to increase their traffic. For website owners, facebook page seo is more beneficial to them.

In the recent few years, facebook pages have got more popularity. Nearly most of the bussinesses ,public figures including Influencer, politicians, youtubers, actors, actresses, etc. are using facebook pages to grow their audience. If you haven’t created a facebook page yet, see how to create a facebook page.

If you search my name Nitin Chavhan on Google, you will see my facebook page has been there. Because I have followed all the best practices that are necessary for a page to be indexed.

Not just only facebook page, but you will also see other social media platforms also indexed there, like twitter, LinkedIn, instagram, etc. There are many people with the name Nitin Chavhan and that’s why many social media accounts exists but only my pages are currently ranking on that keyword. Because of the proper maintenance of the seo on fb page as well as on other social media platforms.

In this blog post I will be sharing the tips for using facebook pages, how it can help you to grow your business. And How it can be used to better rank on Google. In this post we are going through the following points.

Factors affecting Facebook page seo

Facebook page seo is one of the most important thing that we should consider. As we always try to get more audience and to reach more people as much as possible, we cannot ignore the facebook page.

When we search any specific term on Google, it shows various results including facebook pages and posts also. That’s why we should create seo friendly posts on facebook page.

Adding description To The Page

Here, the most important factor about seo is the description of the page. All pages have description and description acts as a meta description for search engine crawlers. For example, in a website, when we write an article in wordpress, we add meta description to help search engine better understand what our content is about.

The texts in the meta description is shown in the search results below the title when someone sees the result on Google. And that’s why the description of the page is important. To improve further seo, there are some other practices that you should follow like adding website, address, email, social media handels, page category, etc.

Username of the facebook page

Username plays an important role in indexing pages on Google or other search engine. Username of the fb page is same as that of the URL slug of website.

If you have ever did seo of any website page, then you might know the importance of URL slug in regard of SEO. Username plays the same role as of URL slug in website. To know how to change or create facebook page username, you should read this article.

Frequency of the posts

Another factor is the frequency of the posts that you share on your page. Just sharing posts frequently will not work, it should be well described with all the necessary keywords included. We also share images along with posts, so to make these images indexed by Google and other search engines.

Adding Alt Text to Images

Another factors is Alt text. We have to add alt text to the images as we do in the website, so that the images will get indexed by Google. Alt text should be descriptive and should contain all the related keywords. For your convenience I have posted an article on how to add alt text to facebook posts images.

When you search anything on Google, it also shows some images. Some of those images may have come from facebook also. Let’s see a live example, if you search Nitin Chavhan on Google, in the images tab.

There you will see most of the images there have been came from my facebook page, because I have added alt text to all the images. That’s why adding alt text to images is very important.

Facebook for website

Did you know that you can even drive more traffic on your website from facebook page also. You all know that we can add website in the about section of the page. When you create a post, make sure that it ignites the action to visit the page and click on the website.

This is the one way and another way is through the story. You can add swipe up links to the story which can ultimately increase traffic on your website.. And on the other hand, it increases the engagement rate on your page. The best way to add links to story is through the instagram story.

But to do this you need to connect both your instagram and facebook account with each other, so that when you create a story on instagram, there you will see an option to share it on facebook page also. And recently instagram has added a new feature to add links to the story.

Earlier only the accounts who has more than 10k followers were able to add swipe up links but now the accounts with less than 10 followers are now able to add links. The only difference is that you will be able to add clickable links and not swipe up links.

Facebook for businesses

Nowadays almost all the online bussinesses and now offline bussinesses also are using facebook pages to grow their bussiness. And to reach even more people by running ads on facebook.

Many bussiness owners have concluded that facebook helped them to reach even more people than earlier. For example if there is any restaurant in a city then they can run their ads on facebook by creating a page. So that more people will know about that place and their restaurant.

There is a full guide on how you can make most of it by facebook. Read the full article here.

Facebook for Influencer

Social media has became a weapon for many Influencers. Social media has created a virtual world where the youth spend their most of the time by following their favorite creator, Influencers, Actors, actresses etc.

Almost all the creators and influencers have their own social media accounts like Facebook Twitter Instagram and many more. The only reason behind it is that the majority of the people nowadays are using social media to spend their Time.

On Facebook you can create two types of accounts one is a Facebook profile and another is Facebook page and influencers, creators prefer to create Facebook page rather than Facebook profile.

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