How to create a custom domain in blogger

You can easily create a custom domain in blogger. In the custom domain, you can easily remove blogspot from the URL. For this you need to buy a domain from domain provider. There are some free domains are available but paid domains are reccomended.

After buying a domain, you need to add some records in the domain registrars website, in the admin panel. You need to add host and value there to prove the ownership of that website. Now where to find that host name and value that we need to add the records?

In blogger dashboard, go to settings, in the publishing section, select custom domain. There you need to add your desired domain name. While adding domain name you have to type the address with the subdomain too just like this – and then save it. You will get an error like this – 

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs

So now to verify your authority to the domain you have to add two CNAMEs shown in the box. Now copy these two CNAMEs and paste it in the domain providers website as it is. In the domain providers website go to my domains and manage DNS. Paste the CNAMEs there and save it. Now go to blogger and save your domain name. Now wait for at least 1 hour and visit the website to ensure that the domain is connected to your blogger. 

Secure Your Website 

After the domain is successfully connected, you need to make sure that the website is secure. You might have seen that some websites in address bar starts with https while some websites starts with just http. It’s very important to have knowledge about this. The S means SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. If you are a website owner you must know the importance of this SSL certificate. The websites having SSL certificate starts with https. Blogger provides free SSL certificate. Most of the hosting provider provides free SSL certificate. 

When you create a custom domain in blogger, you have to manually turn on the SSL security in the https section in settings menu of the blogger dashboard. It may take some time to make https available when create a custom domain. 

Now the next step is to redirect your website from to When someone visits to it will be redirected to 

To redirect your readers from “” to “,” set up a naked redirect:

  1. Go to your domain provider’s website.
  2. Open your DNS settings.
  3. Add these 4 A-records that point to Google IPs:

Then save it. 

Now when someone enters your website without subdomain, it will be redirected to your blogger URL. 

Still got problems?  Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section. I would like to help you. 

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