How to save a Webpage in PDF file in Chrome

Saving a webpage into PDF is very useful and important also. It seems very useful if you are a student. Students are always in search of notes and other information. And nowadays internet is assescible to most of the students. While surfing on internet, we come across some information or webpages that seems very useful and important, so if we write down all those data on our notebook or somewhere else, it’s very much time consuming. But before that you must know how to increase download speed in Chrome Browser.

So what’s the solution? The solution is saving a webpage into a PDF file in chrome browser. There is also an another way to save a webpage in chrome. But here our main focus will be on saving it into a PDF format in chrome browser in Mobile phone, because not all people has their own laptop or computer.

Why you should save a webpage into a PDF format?
PDF files are very useful, as you can share it with anyone at anytime. Since the corona pandemic has started, all the schools and colleges has started to take online classes. During these period, students started to gather information from internet by using Google. Google became most useful thing for students and for many people also. Writing all these things, particularly notes on notebook is very time consuming. So saving them in PDF format is the best way to store notes. So without wasting time, let’s know how you can save a webpage in chrome in PDF files.

How to save a webpage into PDF file in chrome in Mobile

  1. Open Chrome browser in your mobile.
  2. Search for any webpage that you want to save into a PDF file.
  3. After the webpage is opened, click on the three dots present at the upper right corner of your mobile screen.
  4. Now click on share option.
  5. There you will see an option as Print. This option is located at the slider, so you need to move across your finger.
  6. After that a new page/window will open.
  7. There you can select which pages to be displayed in the PDF file. If any portion that doesn’t seems to be useful, just uncheck it.
  8. Now in the top right corner, there will be an option to save it in PDF format. Just click on it and that webpage will saved in your mobile in PDF format.

That’s all you have to do to save a webpage. These are very simple steps that you need follow. There is also another way to save a webpage in chrome browser. But in this way unlike PDF files, you can view that page in chrome browser only even if you go offline. The file extension to this type of file is .mhtm Let’s see the steps below to learn how to save a webpage in chrome browser.

How to save a webpage in Chrome Browser

  1. At the first, open a webpage in chrome that you want to save in chrome so that you can access it even if you go offline.
  2. Now, at the top right corner click three dots. A sidebar will open.
  3. In the upper panel, in third place there will be a download icon. Click on it, and the webpage will be saved. It’s that simple.

Which is better : saving the webpage as a PDF file or saving it in chrome browser?

If you saved a webpage in PDF format then it becomes easier to share with anyone and on any platform like whatsapp, but if you save that page in chrome browser then sharing it with anyone becomes harder. There a problem may occur in formatting. That’s why PDF file is more convenient for everyone.

Hope you understand it well, and now you can easily save any webpage in chrome in PDF file. If you still have any doubts then let me know in the comment section below. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the updates from us.

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